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Cold Laser Therapy

Is a safe and effective way to address pain and inflammation. 

PEMF bed

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency is another modality used to treat inflammation.


Stimulates the healing process, managing pain and improving many of the bodies processes.

Manual Therapy

Can improve joint mobility, optimize muscle function, improve breathing, and facilitate proper posture. 

Therapeutic Exercises

Address impaired movement patterns. They facilitate movements that are reparative, strengthening and fun!

Home exercise program

We are devoted to helping you become your pets best provider, working together to make the best treatment program.

What Our Clients Say

Bridget S, Pasadena California

We are so lucky to have found Dog House Rehab! Josh & Roubina are so thorough and thoughtful both at appointments and in communication in between, and overall really great to work with. Our dog's orthopedic surgeon was impressed with the progress he has made in 8 weeks post-shoulder injury and I am certain a lot of it is due to the physical therapy. A great team who make house calls, highly recommended!
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